All our technology is scalable and can be used for both Domestic & International work with minor adjustments. Our centers have the first Indian contact centre installations for both the Ericsson MD110 & Solidus eCare Solutions which are internationally recognized award winning products.We have linux platform based Dialer C-Zentrix

  • Rapid dial . Key features are as follows
    • All Inbound/outbound functions
    • In- built basic IPBX
    • Blended ACD
    • IVR with Voice Commerce Platform
    • Voice Logger
    • Customizable Agent Screen
    • Campaign management
    • MIS Reporting
      • Expandable for TDM from 2-48 ports
      • Expandable for E1 from 1-8 ports
      • Inbuilt IVR & Voice mail
      • Gateway Communication: VOIP,TDM & PRI