• 1500 Workstations (each shift) across India, being planned to 2000 seats
  • We have 450 seats available in Patna and have more than ten years of working experience with almost all telecom operators in various circles. viz Airtel ,Idea, Aircel ,tata etc.
  • Ability to ramp up another 500 workstations within short span.
  • Inbound Skills-Based Routing (including multilingual capabilities).
  • Scheduling Outbound calls for up selling and cross selling of products, and to update customer data base for effective data mining.
  • Easy access for end user in all parts of the country.
  • High capacity 24 x 7 multi channel services.
  • Fully computerized server based network operations.
  • Structured response handling for Call query and response management.
  • Creation, Maintenance and Updating of FAQ, thus creating knowledge base.
  • Real Time Statistical Reporting Data base generation and management with Data Mining and Response Modeling
  • Quality Management,Customized management reports.


  • Physical access controlled by security personnel.
  • Biometric Access card System.
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Recording devices blocked
  • Monitoring of agents through CCTV network.

Data & Network Security

  • Regular monitoring of server application
  • Login identity required
  • Non-Disclosure agreement signed by each employee
  • VPN used for secure client network connection
  • Encryption devices used
  • Firewall to prevent unauthorized breaches and to secure network