Corporate social responsibility

About CSR

C2C believes in the principle of symbiotic relationship with the local communities, recognizing that business ultimately has a purpose to serve human needs. Close and continuous interaction with the people and communities in around us has been the key focus while striving to bring around qualitative changes and supporting the underprivileged.

The responsibility of the company is to make a positive impact on the communities in which the company does business through its support of select programs, outreach efforts and initiatives that improve and enhance the quality of life. Our goal is to make things better for the planet, better for people, better for business, better now & better for the future.

Objective & Principles

In alignment with the vision of the company C2C through its CSR initiatives, will continue to enhance value creation in the society and in the community in which it operates, through its services, conduct & initiatives, so as to promote sustained growth for the society and community, in fulfillment its role as a Socially Responsible Corporate, with environmental Concern.

The Objective of C2C CSR policy is to ensure an increased commitment at all levels in the organisation, to operate its business in an economically, socially & environmentally sustainable manner, while recognising the interests of all its stakeholders.

CSR Programmers:
  • Blood donation Camp
  • Tree Plantation
  • Drinking Water & Sanitation
  • Environment Protection
  • Skill Development / Empowerment
  • Health Care/ Medicine
  • Health check up Camps

A beginning has been made but there still miles to go before the huge disparity is bridged and a better future delivered to both the rural and urban poor....